Year in Review, 2022

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Greetings and happy new year!

This is my year in review where I'll summarize highlights and insights of the year and share some news!

Many things happened in 2022 but if I had to choose the single biggest thing that happened to me, it would be my personal transformation.

For more than half of my life, I had been searching for answers to numerous questions, but no self-help literature, philosophy, science, or spiritualism could explain the things that occurred in my life, mind and reality.

I kept searching until I encountered the work of Kapil Gupta. His work resonated with me like nothing else ever had. I was amazed by what he shared in his work.

Kapil is devoted to finding truths about everything that he's interested in: the human mind, conditioning, performance, prescriptions, anxiety and skill mastery. He seeks to see reality as it is, without any bias from the mind due to its nature, conditioning and involuntary thoughts.

The truths and insights that he shares in his books, discourses and podcasts led me on a [journey of personal transformation](, which I detail in a blog post. There, I explain how this transformative knowledge is also reflected in [the third version of my Life OS](

2022 was also the year of several business ideas that I wanted to develop.

The first idea was to offer Notion-related services for businesses. I created a landing page where I explained the idea of digital operation systems, wrote a few blog posts to explain my thought process but I think I overcomplicated things.

Now I want to optimize and narrow down to creating a Notion workspace and integrating it into an  existing workflow to provide numerous practical benefits for the organization.

In addition to that, I’ve been also building a [Webflow development agency]( to create and maintain high-quality and state-of-the-art websites for individuals and companies. Recently I got my first paying customer and I can’t wait to share it with the public once it is finished. It's simple yet sports many different interactions and animations that I enjoyed coding.

I now also offer private consulting on everything related to productivity, anxiety, fear or any other problem related to the human mind. Thanks to Kapil's work, I now have an understanding of how the human mind functions. This understanding has allowed me to solve a few problems that would cause anxiety, fear, and anger. And I think it could be valuable to many others.

Last but not least, I also published several templates made in Notion: [Architect's OS](, [Student OS](, [Curated Knowledge Library](, and [Blog OS](

And now to my most recent and important project of 2022: my wife and I are expecting our son in a few weeks.

It's both thrilling and intimidating to become a parent, but I'm looking forward to my journey of raising a child who is free from conditioning and has a deep understanding of reality from a young age. I wonder how the life is different when your starting conditions and variables are stripped of falsehoods and are based on truth as much as possible.

In 2023, I will continue to create new products, write and discover new things.

Stay tuned and happy new year!



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