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8 Custom Notion Templates That Increased My Productivity

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It's been several months since I create and modify the templates I use daily. They are tailored, but the general system and principles behind can provide a solid base to people from different areas.

For instance, a resume Notion template can be used as a CV for job application or as a portfolio of work and projects.

The life & goals operation system is based on a concept that works for a range of students to professionals. It's complex, but made as simple as possible. Many authors provide too much complication to their system. I like to keep only the essential, because at the end of the day, a system is only the means to the result. Therefore, it should stay simple and effective.

Morning routine, goal system and career finding templates are a must for a person who wants to increase their productivity or simply get things rolling.

The templates are in order of most importance to you productivity and general life changing experience.

# 1. Morning routine template

Morning routine template cover


It's the part of the system that made me start growing initially.

All I had to do is to **start a small routine and make it a habit**.

Since I established a morning ritual, my days have become more structured and goal oriented. The midbrain's reward system became aware that long term goals are more valuable over instant gratification.

The smallest step was to write a bullet journal in the morning and evening. A 5-minute habit that turned everying upside down.

A year ago I hated my job, procrastinated a lot and didn't know what to do. Now I moved to a new city, grew my blog to 1000 pageviews a month, work on my first iOS app and enjoy my regular job. My team won a big competition recently and I sold my first digital product in February 2021.

**Article:** [Morning Ritual: How to Empower Your Start of the Day](https://www.maray.ai/posts/morning-ritual)

**Template:** [https://www.notion.so/maray/0d9bbbce01644f33b0dc891fe1cf1e00?v=83582aeb586d4cdcbacd7c62ce307dd2](https://www.notion.so/maray/0d9bbbce01644f33b0dc891fe1cf1e00?v=83582aeb586d4cdcbacd7c62ce307dd2)

# 2. Notion Life & Self-growth System

Notion Life and Self growth System template cover


The system I use every day that consists of different parts and works as a whole.

It is shipped with guides that explain each step of the process.

Planning and Execution are heavily based on your self-analysis.

Goals and life changing experience require proper identity changes. You can't become fit without changing habits and building healthy ones.

The whole system is aimed on aligning the goals and the real self. Once the different parts of your personality are in unison, the success is mere repetition and improvement.

You can follow the articles and guides to build your own version or support me and purchase it.

**Article:** [Notion Life Operating System: Overview](https://www.maray.ai/posts/notion-life-operating-system-overview)

**Template:** [https://gum.co/notion-self-growth](https://gum.co/notion-self-growth)

# 3. Resume in Notion

Interactive resume in Notion template cover


A resume in Notion is an interactive page that is more fun to explore than a regular PDF or a word file.

It's easy to use, responsive to screen size, easy to customize and share.

Follow along the step by step guide or purchase it here to support my work.

**Article:** [https://www.maray.ai/posts/digital-resume-notion](https://www.maray.ai/posts/digital-resume-notion)

**Template:** [https://gum.co/notion-resume](https://gum.co/notion-resume)

# 4. Active Recall and Spaced Repetition

Active recall and spaced repetition template in Notion


Active Recall and Spaced Repetition are efficient memory techniques to increase the retention rate over time.

Both methods are woven in a system that allows you to track the knowledge you want to improve upon and schedule future repetitions to improve the retention.

**Article:** [How to Practice Active Recall & Spaced Repetition with Notion](https://www.maray.ai/posts/notion-active-recall-spaced-repetition)

**Template:** [https://www.notion.so/maray/Active-Recall-Spaced-Repetition-System-47a7edc111a443229afec323a050e905](https://www.notion.so/maray/Active-Recall-Spaced-Repetition-System-47a7edc111a443229afec323a050e905)

# 5. Goal Setting System template

Goal setting system template in Notion


A simple, yet productive system to achieve your goals.

The framework utilizes the knowledge from habit buildings, SMART goals system, Tim Ferris's DEAL system.

It helped me to get going in my long time planned goals, build healthy habits and, finally, overcome procrastination.

**Article:** [How to Create an Advanced Notion Goal Setting & Tracking System in 2021](https://www.maray.ai/posts/goal-system-notion)

# 6. How to find the right career path

A cool template to find the career that suits you the best.


Most of the time people build a career in a profession that doesn't bring happiness and satisfaction. For a reason, a decision to pursue a career in a field was not his/hers. Sometimes it comes from the society that dictates so called "prestigious" professions or from parents, that wish you could continue their business/profession.

If you want to figure out what you want and what options you have, this guide might be for you. A few years ago WaitButWhy, one of the most original blogs I've encountered, published a guide on how to find the right career that suits you the best.

I took a chance and translated their PDF to Notion. It's much more fun to complete it in a more interactive way and to keep the record of your inputs and decisions.

**Article:** [How to Find the Right Career Path with a Framework in Notion](https://www.maray.ai/posts/how-to-find-the-right-career-path-with-a-framework-in-notion)

**Template:** [https://www.notion.so/maray/How-to-Find-the-Right-Career-Path-f09c10876b5f419fbd5966f31003553c](https://www.notion.so/maray/How-to-Find-the-Right-Career-Path-f09c10876b5f419fbd5966f31003553c)

# 7. Vision Board template

Free vision board template in Notion


A vision board is a place where you visualize your goals with description, pictures and affirmations.

It's not a magic pill. You have to work towards your goals.

That's why I always link it with my goals with projects and habits assigned to each.

Nevertheless, visual information helps to stay motivated and activates the visual cortex to work towards your goal.

**Article:** [How to Create an Enhanced Digital Vision Board in 2021](https://www.maray.ai/posts/visualization-vision-board)

**Template:** [https://www.notion.so/maray/Vision-Board-Template-c6e53f59fd474f5abcc3f44824465151](https://www.notion.so/maray/Vision-Board-Template-c6e53f59fd474f5abcc3f44824465151)

# 8. Decision-making Journal template

Decision making journal template cover.


Sometimes you are indecisive before making a big decision.

A journal can help you to translate options into a comparable unit that it easier to decide on.

Also, a decision making journal can be a valuable history of your decisions so that you can learn from them.

**Article:** [How to Be More Decisive with Rational Decision Making](https://www.maray.ai/posts/rational-decision-making)

**Template:** [https://www.notion.so/maray/Decision-Making-Journal-Template-015a6eea73bd40a1a8e1ec5bf8af7d5a](https://www.notion.so/Decision-Making-Journal-Template-015a6eea73bd40a1a8e1ec5bf8af7d5a)

# Final thoughts

Every template that I share I use every day. I found them useful and explained the benefits in the each article. Don't forget to check them out to find out secret insights.

Please feel free to share your ideas on how they can be improved and show your own version.