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Your design.
My build.

You already have the design beautifully crafted and want to bring it to life with Webflow.

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Ilona Dzen

Founder of Fjers Studio

Working with Ayk was a delight. His attention to detail, flair for complex animations, and timely delivery were impressive. It felt more like a partnership than a transaction. Highly recommended.
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Your long-term Webflow development partner

Focus on creating lasting business relationships by offering you the best skills and knowledge.

Certified Webflow Expert
Semantic HTML structure
Industry best practices & Client-First styling system
Focus on the problem & the goal
Custom code solutions
Multidisciplinary background and skills
Multilingual (EN, DE, RU)
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My Webflow development process

I built a system to efficiently port beautifully designed frames from Figma to Webflow.

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Send me your design files

Provide me with your designs and content, or give us access to your existing website, so I can prepare a custom quote and get started.

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I turn the design into a website

I develop your site in Webflow, providing updates and receiving your feedback throughout the process.

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Launch your site

Choose the Webflow account where you want to launch the final site, and we'll put it online.

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Why Webflow is the best solution for your website

Webflow is an optimal website platform for small to mid-sized businesses, facilitating quick, cost-effective, and customized website development.

Its code-free interface simplifies usage for non-technical users. Webflow ensures robust security, scalability, and enables third-party integrations.

10x faster development times
Low maintenance
Custom design possibilities
SEO optimized
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Why Choose Webflow for Your Business website?


Value-Added Services

Underpromise -> Overdeliver

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High-quality development

I focus on the details and develop your site on Webflow's high-end servers at Amazon Web Services.

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Fixed pricing

No surprises with the budgets. The price we quote is the price you pay.

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Responsive on all screens

No surprises with the budgets. The price we quote is the price you pay.

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100% client satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We don't deliver until you're happy with the result.

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On-time delivery

I deliver on time, every time.

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Performance optimization

Your site will be fast, reliable, and meet Google's Core Web Vitals.

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SEO optimization

I structure and develop the source code to meet Google's and Bing’s SEO standards.

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Modules and components to reuse and perform a/b testing.

Any challenging 3d scenes and animations

Your website sports 3d geometry and camera animations?I use WebGL, ThreeJS and GSAP to integrate 3d geometry to create any complex storytelling.

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Don't have the design yet?

I offer concept & design services that help businesses and individuals to successfully solve their problem.

Learn about my design process ->

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-> design

Fixed, project-based pricing.

Agency quality, freelance developer price.

Small projects

Starting at $2000
Agency quality performance and build
Small websites and landing pages
Simple animations
Analytics integration
Knowledge database
Onboarding training

Medium to Large Projects

Starting at $4000
Agency quality performance and build
Multi-page website
Complex animations
Custom features/integrations
Knowledge database
Onboarding training
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Send me your project information and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I plan my work ahead of time and I am currently available for select projects from late September.

Webflow related FAQ

Don’t find an answer to your question?
Please contact me at ayk@maray.ai.

What's the price range for Webflow website development?

The cost varies depending on the specific requirements and extent of the project. After evaluating these factors, I can offer a bespoke fixed price for the project.

What's the cost of maintaining a Webflow website?

The only recurring cost you would have is the Webflow hosting plan which typically ranges between $14 and $39 per month, contingent on your site's volume.

Do you conduct any quality checks on the projects?

I perform internal quality checks during the development process and prior to the final delivery to assure you receive an excellent end product.

How many developers will be working on my project?

Typically, I will be the only developer assigned to your project. However, if the task at hand requires support, I typically reach out to my network of professional to help me with complex projects.

Do you serve as a white label partner?

It depends on your preference. Based on my experience, white label partnerships often get complicated when end clients discover about the concealed team behind the project.

Does your development process incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes! I'll integrate basic details like meta title, meta description, etc., provided by you at the project outset. Additionally, I provide SEO content marketing services to drive organic traffic to your website.

Can we execute an NDA before sharing designs and content?

Absolutely, I'm open to signing an NDA before you share your designs and content.

Do you provide any discounts?

In order to maintain the highest quality of service, I do not offer discounts. However, I'm able to provide a tailored, fixed price that suits your project needs.

Can I modify the content post project completion?

Absolutely, you'll have full control to modify all texts, videos, or images. Moreover, you can create, edit, and delete CMS items as per your requirements.

What's the typical development timeline for a Webflow website?

The duration usually depends on the scope and intricacy of your project, but it generally takes between two to four weeks. Larger projects might take up to eight weeks.

Do you offer maintenance services for existing Webflow builds?

I usually focus on projects involving my own Webflow builds.

What if the result doesn't meet my expectations?

Your contentment is my utmost priority, hence all necessary adjustments and enhancements are included in the fixed price, unless it involves adding a new design section.

Where will the website be hosted on Webflow?

You have the flexibility to host the final website on your own Webflow account or it can be hosted on my Webflow account.

Can we execute an NDA before sharing designs and content?

Absolutely, I'm open to signing an NDA before you share your designs and content.

Can you help me if I don’t have the design for my project?

Certainly, I not only do webflow development, but also design bespoke websites that solve a range of different problems. Check out my design services page.

What if I require additional changes or further developments?

I'd be more than willing to provide support with new enhancements or modifications in the projects that I've completed.

Can I request design and content adjustments during the development process?

While it's recommended to finalize the content and designs prior to commencing the project, I remain flexible to accommodate minor changes you might require.

Do you provide solutions for urgent developments?

Yes, I can accommodate urgent development requests, but it would necessitate a certain price augmentation.

Are there any content or design restrictions?

From my end, you will not face any constraints related to design or content. However, you need to take into account the limitations tied to your Webflow subscription.

What are your payment terms?

Typically, I ask for 50% payment upfront and the balance just prior to the final delivery.