I create performing &
problem driven websites
using first principles.


based in berlin.

hi! my name is ayk.

I create bespoke &
problem-driven websites

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based in berlin

After 10 years designing medium and large scale architecture projects in china and Germany, I pivoted my career towards web dev space to create bespoke websites & digital products using a unique design system & cutting edge technologies.

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Web design

webflow development→



How I work

I use my broad generalist knowledge to work on every aspect of a web design & development project.

By doing so, I have full control over the concept and the final result to deliver the vision of the project to life.

With the aid of current AI technologies, it’s truly possible to be responsible for almost all parts of a web design project.

Large language models (LLM) help with content and structure. Image generating models help with visual content and art direction. Generating high-quality content is already possible with Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

Nevertheless, AI driven tools can only create what you ask it for. Human conceptual thinking is still highly relevant. Current AI tools can only create what they have been trained on and require editing and continuous feedback to deliver the desired output.

With that said, I still work with talented people across different domains when the task at hand requires top level expertise.

Resonates? Feel free to contact→ me to dicuss your project.

web design

  • I create website concept design from scratch
  • I create ai-assisted written and visual content to support the concept and the design

webflow development

  • I translate the design into a website with webflow and custom code
  • I build a website from provided design in figma to webflow
  • I integrate third party apps to add custom functionality


  • I research and provide an seo strategy to acquire new customers, convert leads or any other required goal
  • I create content plan based on my research
  • I provide analytics report to show the results


what did you say you are doing?

I create bespoke & problem-driven websites.

how? what sets you apart?

I use first principles→ to find the truth about any given project / problem / situation.

Through meticulous inquiry we’ll find everything about your problem and build up a solution that solves it.

Can you give an example?


A recent client wanted a simple landing page for their consulting services as a business card for customer acquisition.

When I examined the project, I found that there's an opportunity to drive organic traffic through SEO & content marketing and create a new lead generation.

As a result, a bigger than initial investment was required, which was fully paid back by a couple of customers that found the service through the search.

Why Webflow?


optimized SEO


high performance



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Why Choose Webflow for Your Business website?

Photo of Ayk Martirosyan.


Send me your project information and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I plan my work ahead of time and I am currently available for select projects from late September.