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Effective & Outcome-Driven Web Design for Your Law Firm

Full web design & development package to effortlessly manage your website, attract more clients, and edge out the competition.


Elegant design to create a memorable experience for the users.


Content structure to clearly explain the services and the value that the company offers to its customers.


Optimized content to target core law-related keywords for Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic and leads.


Responsive design that beautifully works on all screens.


Focus on performance to provide smooth user experience on mobile and slow connection.

Law firm landing page web design example.
Law firm landing page web design example.
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Modern websites for law firms

Timeless web design tailored to your firm goals and customers.

Web design of a landing page for a lawyer.
Web design of a landing page for a lawyer.
Web design of a landing page for a lawyer.

How professional web design solves critical challenges for lawyers

Discover key solutions a tailored website brings to your practice. More can be discovered after a thorough examination.


Boost Your Firm's Visibility

In the vast digital landscape, many law firms struggle to stand out. Without a strong online presence, potential clients may never discover your expertise, limiting your firm's growth and reach.


Attract Top Legal Talent

The legal industry's competition for top talent is fierce. Law firms without a modern and professional online image may fail to attract the high-caliber professionals necessary for growth and success.


Generate Quality Leads Effortlessly

Many firms find it challenging to attract and convert high-quality leads online. Opportunities to engage potential clients and expand your practice slip away without an optimized web presence.


Simplify Your Website's Management

For many law firms, website management is fraught with technical difficulties and inefficiencies, consuming valuable time that could be better spent serving clients.

Transformative outcomes for your legal practice

Realize the full potential of your online presence.

Elevate your firm's market position

Leverage a distinct online presence and brand identity to heighten the perceived value of your services, setting the stage for increased revenue and market share.

Acquire clients through organic traffic and SEO

Transform your online presence into a source of potential clients. My bespoke web design not only elevates your brand but opens it to search engines leading to organic traffic and client acquisition.

Become a talent magnet for legal professionals

A cutting-edge, professionally designed website reflects a dynamic and progressive workplace, crucial for attracting ambitious legal professionals.

Effortlessly manage your website

I’ll ensure your website is a living asset, effortlessly updated and always aligned with your firm's evolving needs, allowing you to focus on your practice without backend worries.

My process of working with you

A seamless journey from concept to launch, designed for legal professionals.


Begin with a Strategy Session

Book a consultation to kickstart your project, where we align on vision and expectations.


Define Project Goals

Collaboratively outline your business goals to tailor a design brief that captures your unique legal brand.


Design the Website

Transform your vision into a bespoke website design that resonates with your clientele and reflects your expertise.


Bring the Design to Life

Transition from concept to reality with a robust, secure, and user-friendly website that engages visitors.


Go Live

Launch your polished website, optimized and tested for an impeccable user experience.


Post-launch Management

Receive comprehensive guidance for easy site management, ensuring long-term success and flexibility for updates.

Step 1

Bring the project into focus

Collaboratively examine your business goals, customers, and requirements to create a tailored design brief to serve as a source of truth for design and development.

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Step 2

User experience & visual design

Create a tailored user experience and visual design to deliver results outlined in the design brief.

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Step 3

Web Development

Transition from concept to reality with a robust, secure, and user-friendly website that solves your business challenges.

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The walkthrough of every step in the process

In this video, I explain the 3 main stages of the design and development process so that you have a better understanding how we are going to bring your project to life.

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Discover the tools and platforms I use to build your website

State-of-the-art tools that deliver performance and are easy to use.


Flexible pricing for every stage of your practice

Your success is my success.
‍You don't need to pay me anything if you are not fully satisfied with the result.

Ideal for New Practices
Customized design tailored to your firm
Expert web development for core functionality
Responsive design for mobile and tablet
GDPR compliance for privacy assurance
Essential SEO
Comprehensive Solution for Growth
Includes everything in essential
Enhanced with SEO for increased visibility
Google Business listing to boost local search presence
Expanded content with additional pages
Analytics and integration for strategic insights and operation
Tailored for Advanced Legal Practices
Bespoke design and functionality for unique needs
Seamless advanced integrations
Strategic marketing services
Unlimited pages for comprehensive content
Enhanced forms and submission features for client engagement
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What's the advantage of working with maray?

Maray is a one-man agency devoted to creating outstanding websites for individuals and businesses.

I offer exceptional value for my web design and development products that cannot be found anywhere else.

My design and development systems are based on the truth, rather than assumptions. As a consequence, the promised outcomes are effective as I correctly identify the problems and the conditions to produce the desired effects and outcomes.

Ayk Martirosyan
Creator, CEO

Answers to most
common questions

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How do you handle ongoing maintenance and updates for the website?

The websites I create need little to no maintenance compared to other firms that charge monthly fee to keep your website running. When it comes to content update, I'll show how easily it can be done so that you can keep the content of your website always up-to-date.


What is the timeline for designing and launching a lawyer's website?

Typically, the process takes between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the project's complexity and your specific requirements. I prioritize clear communication and milestones throughout the project to keep you informed and involved at every stage.


How do you integrate a lawyer's website with their existing marketing and client management tools?

I ensure seamless integration with your current tools, such as CRM systems and email marketing platforms, to streamline your workflow and enhance client relationship management. I'll work closely with you to understand your specific needs for a smooth integration process.


What features do you recommend for a lawyer's website to improve client engagement and acquisition?

I recommend features such as a clear call to action, easy-to-use contact forms, live chat for immediate inquiries, a blog for legal insights, and client testimonials. Each feature is designed to enhance engagement, build trust, and make it easy for potential clients to reach out.


How do you ensure the website is secure and protects client information, especially with sensitive legal data?

Website security is paramount. I implement best practices like SSL encryption, secure hosting environments, and regular security audits to protect against data breaches. Compliance with privacy laws and regulations is strictly observed to safeguard sensitive client information.


What is your process for creating content that is both engaging for clients and optimized for search engines?

I start with a detailed analysis of your target audience and practice areas to craft content that addresses their needs and questions. My content is optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, ensuring it's also engaging and informative for readers, establishing your firm as a trusted authority.


How do you approach SEO and ensure that a lawyer's website ranks well in search engine results?

My SEO strategy for lawyers is comprehensive, incorporating keyword research tailored to your practice areas, on-site optimization, and quality content creation. I stay updated on the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes to ensure your website not only ranks well but maintains its visibility.


How do you ensure that a lawyer's website complies with all legal industry regulations and ethical guidelines?

My design and content strategy processes are informed by a thorough understanding of legal industry regulations and ethical standards. I collaborate with legal experts to ensure compliance in all aspects of the website, from content creation to data handling practices.


What experience do you have in designing websites for lawyers or law firms?

I specialize in creating bespoke websites for professionals, with a dedicated portfolio for lawyers and law firms. I am familiar with the unique needs of the legal industry, having designed websites for a range of legal specialties, each tailored to reflect the firm's expertise and values.