Blogging Journey: May 2022

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his is the second blog post in the blogging journey series where I share the current status of the journey, update on the side income, update on the life side of things and update on what I am currently working on.

In other words, I’ll tell you almost everything that blogging brought to my life in one way or another.

Since [the last post](, which was in October 2021, there’s been a life-changing event, revenue growth, new projects, an official business launch, and a redesign of my website.

Let’s start.

## Blog posts

One of the reasons I started this blog was to “build discipline”.

I was striving for a productive life. I felt wrong when I wasted time.

So I built productivity systems, installed habits, and improved my discipline.

Although all that helped me and I indeed made “progress”, I was still confused about many different things and I still couldn’t understand myself and the world around me.

This relentless search for the answers brought me to one person whose name is Kapil Gupta.

I learned about him from Naval’s podcast and after some hesitation, I started to read his books.

Long story short, I was blown away by what I’d read. Everything finally made sense. I could answer the questions that tormented me for the last 20 years.

You may ask me why do I tell you about it? The reason is that from now on I’ll focus on writing about Kapil’s work and the truths about reality.

2021 was the year when I focused almost solely on Notion content. I will still keep writing about it, but it’s gonna be much less about personal and more about the business side of things. More on it in a second.

What do “truths about reality” mean?

A Truth in Kapil’s work is the source of any problem and is found upon sincere examination of the given problem.

Every problem, whether it is related to anxiety, productivity, or becoming a legend, contains a truth that upon finding and understanding it, eliminates the problem once and for all.

My main focus will be on finding these truths and sharing them in future blog posts.

## Revenue growth

The last time I shared the side income from my paid Notion templates was at $750 monthly and $2400 all-time revenue.

Today, it’s at $1400/mo and $11,200 all-time revenue. Not bad, right?


The new year’s 2 week period was the sweetest. You can see the bump on the graph.

By the end of December, I redesigned my [Life OS]( and launched the second version of it along with a [detailed blog post]( that ranked well on Google.

Currently, I am working on 2 operations systems for entrepreneurs and startups. These templates are part of my Notion consulting firm that I launched a month ago.

## Digital Operations Agency

In May 2022 I launched an agency to help business organize their work with a system in Notion.

Since I like creating and developing digital systems and there’s a demand on the market, it was a natural decision.

My current biggest tasks are to find my first customer and release the templates.

I also publish blog posts where I share the journey of building the best Notion consulting agency.

## New projects

In addition to the agency, I launched the [Curated Knowledge]( project.

It’s an attempt to create a database of useful information found on the internet, on Twitter and in communities, but not on Google.

Google’s search results are not as great as one might think. There’re many hidden valuable sources of information that are buried under countless superficial blog posts that rank well in Google searches.

## Website redesign

I redesigned the home page to separate blog post categories, updated the about page, and added new interactions.

I also designed the landing page in Figma and built it with Webflow, and automated customer acquisition with Tally forms and Notion. It was fun.

## Final thoughts

The last 7 months were the best in the last 2 decades of my life and transformed my life a way I couldn’t imagine. I am sure I would arrive in the same location otherwise, but perhaps blogging made the route much shorter.

There’re many things I am working on and there’re many things I’ve just launched. It would be interesting to see how they unfold and where do they bring me in the next 6 months.

Until next time!

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