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## Intro

After several months of development, I am happy to launch my next digital product - Blog OS.

Blog OS is a digital package containing several products to build a blog on Webflow, create and manage content with Notion and utilize a knowledge database to save time on your blogging path.

Blog OS

- State-of-the-art blog built on Webflow CMS with lots of custom features

- An operating system in Notion

- Knowledge database with valuable and practical knowledge

- Customization and onboarding call


Landing page:

## Why I created it?

Back in 2020 when I finally started my blog, there were many things that I didn’t know. I was starting to play with Webflow, write blog posts, build my operating system in Notion, discover SEO and SERP ranking, find keywords I can rank with my content, and build digital products to monetize the traffic on my blog.

It was an interesting journey, but I think it would have taken much less time if I had a sort of resource which I can learn all the basics from.

That’s when I came up with an idea to create a package where I include everything I learned on my journey coupled with a well-made Webflow template and an OS to create and manage content.

Blog OS webflow blogging template design.

## Webflow blog template

The first element of the system is the template made in Webflow.

The design of the template is based on the idea that the content is king. To highlight the content, the UI is simple and minimalistic.

That said, it’s also quite modular and it is easy to modify and add your touch to it.

The template utilizes best industry practices and standards: client-first naming convention and style guide, clean page structure, performance & accessibility, advanced SEO settings, and guides.

You can try the template here:

Note: the public version doesn’t contain custom code and animation.

Blog OS operating system in Notion.

## Operating system to create & manage content in Notion

Since I started blogging, Notion was the place I wrote my blog posts, collected ideas, and, overall, managed the creation pipeline.

That’s why I included it as a part of my new product.

Moreover, with the help of recent API libraries (made by very cool people) and Make! automation became possible to synchronize a Notion database with Webflow CMS.

Here’s a comparison of content on the left in Notion and the published version on the right with Webflow.

Blog OS automation that shows a comparison of a blog post in Notion and published with Webflow CMS.

You only write a blog post in Notion, click a toggle and the automation synchronizes content in both places. It’s amazing. The only downside is that the API can not *yet* upload images, so you need a Cloudinary account to store the images.

Nonetheless, this feature is optional. If you don’t want, you can write elsewhere and publish manually.

Screenshot of blogging knowledge database that is part of blog OS.

## Knowledge database

Knowledge db is a database of blogging-related topics distilled to the essence so that it’s easy to understand.

It includes practical information on topics such as content creation, SEO, resources, monetization, and more. This part of the product is in work in progress as I regularly update the database with more content and guides.

## Blog as a service?

A part of the Blog OS is template customization and an onboarding call.

When a customer purchases the product, they will receive an email with a link to a Notion template. There, through a starting page, they can answer a few questions so that I can customize the product and integrations for them.

After that, the customer and I will have a video call so that I can explain everything and make sure the launch of their blog is nice and smooth.

## What’s next?

Blog OS is one of a kind offering on the market and I am curious to see how its value will be perceived by prospective customers.

In the next few months, I’ll be adding more content to the knowledge db and finding ways to improve the product.

I enjoyed working on many facets of the product: concept, design, development, content, landing page, and storytelling, and gained valuable experience.

Let me know what you think about it and until next time!



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