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Life OS in Notion

No fluff, no decorations, no prescriptions.
Pure outcome- and performance-driven system.
No results are guaranteed. They depend on you.

Life OS in Notion.

Generalized system.
Devoid of prescriptions.

Life OS is a system that provides you with a structure and insights to figure out what’s going on in your life and discover your personal path to achieve things that you sincerely desire.

Truth-based system

Provides a structure and insights.
Focuses on discovering the truth and your own path.

Why a truth-based system works?

  • Provides a direction and insights, instead of a solution.
  • Truth is based on reality, rather than anecdotal experience and belief.
  • It’s based on cause and effect.
  • Takes personality into account.
  • Provides transformative change.

Prescription-based system

Prescribes a 5-step plan based on anecdotal experience.
Focuses on how-to’s and mimicry.

Why a prescription-based system does not work?

  • Provides a solution without examining the source of the problem.
  • “If it worked for me, it will work for you” assumption.
  • Doesn’t take personality into account.
  • Provides temporary and superficial behavioral change.
More detailed explanation in the blog post
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For individuals who are serious about their pursuits.

Although this system is quite efficient in organizing digital information, its main value lies in providing structure and insights for achieving whatever you desire.

To make the system valuable to you, there are a few prerequisites that no one can give you, except yourself.


You are serious about achieving whatever you desire.


You are honest with yourself and you seek to discover what you authenticly want.


You seek to explore and find out yourself rather than believing and relying on someone else’s opinion and path.

Goals of the System

The goal of this Life OS is building a systematic journey to your destination and an efficient organization of your digital information and knowledge.

Arrive at your goals

  • Bring your life into focus
  • Understand where you are and where you want to be
  • Create your own unique path towards the destination

Execute efficiently

  • Organize and manage projects
  • Create and manage tasks
  • Take notes

manage knowledge

  • Organize digital information
  • Create a second brain to easily store and find required information


Why Vision?

Every journey starts from discovering where you want to go.

It’s not as simple as I want to achieve X or arrive at Y place.

Discovering involves deep understanding where you are now, where you sincerely want to go, why you have not yet arrived there and what are the lengths you are willing to go to get there.

Vision dashboard of Life OS in Notion.


Why Conditions?

In the context of cause and effect, a "condition" refers to a circumstance or factor that must be present for a specific outcome or effect to occur.

Conditions can set the stage for an effect to happen, often acting in conjunction with one or more causes to produce a result.

Conditions dashboard of Life OS in Notion.

Essential conditions

In the context of achieving results, it’s worth exploring the following conditions.

It’s essential to not be limited by the following categories, but discover other conditions that are specific to your situation and personality.


Is the desire powerful enough to fuel me so that there’s no struggle, doubt and giving up?

Example: I am serious about gaining financial freedom. There’s no other choice.


What is the biggest obstacle in my way of arriving at X?

Example: giving up midway


What skills are required for this particular goal and at what level?

Example: learn to market


Are there any projects that are required in order to achieve the result?

Example: build a business.


Why Projects?

Notion provides an excellent UX to organize projects and related information, track its status, assign tasks, and research.

In the context of a goal, a project can be a condition for achieving that goal.

Projects dashboard of Life OS in Notion.


Why actions?

Actions is the execution part of a goal or a project.

It’s easy to create and track tasks in Notion and link them to relevant areas.

GTD task management and actions dashboard of Life OS in Notion.


Why Journal?

The journal in my Life OS is not an ordinary diary.

A practical and efficient journal is about exploring your self, desires, obstacles, skills, and other things that you do not have a deep understanding of.

It’s about learning and finding truth about a given topic through writing.

It can be an effective instrument in your journey to your goals.

Journal dashboard of Life OS in Notion.


Why Knowledge?

Knowledge is a database of information and insights that you want to collect, organize and find whenever you need to.

Knowledge second brain dashboard of Life OS in Notion.

Detailed explanation

In this blog post, I explain how I arrived at the current structure of the life operating system and why I find it to be the most efficient way of discovering, achieving and organizing life related topics.

Life OS blog post thumbnail.

In-depth Guide to my Life OS (2024)

Life Operating System in Notion

If you want to save time recreating my life OS, get private support, and gain insights consider purchasing the system.

Life OS in Notion.
Life OS in Notion
Comprehensive system created for real growth.
Purchased by 329 people.
Life Operating System in Notion
Detailed documentation on each element of the OS
Insights on each part of the OS
Custom second brand to organize digital information
GTD for task management
Practical Journal
Habit tracker
Note taking
Lifetime updates
Private e-mail support

Questions about Life OS

Don’t find an answer to your question?
Contact me at

What is a life operating system?

A Life OS is a comprehensive digital system built on Notion, designed to organize and optimize various aspects of your life. The system includes a way to discover your self, define a vision you want to achieve, and use it for project, management, task tracking, note-taking, and more.

What are the practical benefits of using a life OS?

If you have a problem in your life that you want to solve, the system will help you to approach the problem from the foundations and find your own unique solution to it, without prescribing you an inefficient 5-step plan.

What problem(s) does a Life OS solve?

The system is generalized and not tailored to any specific problem. It can work for any goal, such as peace of mind, freedom from anxiety, building financial freedom, and achieving results in sport.

Do you guarantee results?

A supermarket may sell you an apple, but it cannot guarantee that it'll satisfy your hunger.

How does the Life OS work?

The Life OS utilizes Notion's powerful features to create an integrated system that allows you to centralize your tasks, goals, notes, and other information in one place. It offers customizable templates, databases, and views to tailor the system to your personal needs.

Is the Life OS easy to use?

The system is equipped with a thorough documentation and explains each element of the system in detail. One of the main design concepts of the system is to make it as simple, effortless and efficient as possible. It's modular and easy to customize to fit your personality and preferences.

Can I access the Life OS on multiple devices?

Yes, since the Life OS is built on Notion, it can be accessed on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with synchronization across all platforms.

Do I need a paid Notion plan to use the system?

You don't need a paid plan, Notion provides a generous free plan that you can use.

Is customer support available for the Life OS?

Yes, I provide direct support for the product via e-mail. Send any question or feedback and I'll help as you ash much as I can.

Is there a refund policy?

There's no refund as it's a digital product. I thoroughly explain how it works in the blog article. If something doesn't work for you or you have questions, feel free to reach out for private e-mail support.