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This post is an updated version discussing if Webflow still remains a solid no-code solution for creating a blog. The initial version, written in July 2021, can be found here.

My knowledge of Webflow has expanded since then, having shifted my career from architectural design to website creation.

In summary, I believe Webflow is still a superb choice for blogging, although the complete answer hinges on your specific needs.

To determine if Webflow is the right blogging platform for you, **consider the following questions**:

- Are you seeking complete control over design, development, and SEO?

- Do you plan to utilize Webflow's CMS?

- Do you prioritize UX?

- Is security important to you?

- Are you willing to pay for these features?

Think about these questions to understand whether a Webflow-built blog is fit for you.

- Do you need a straightforward solution?

If so, consider alternatives like Medium, Substack, Hashnode, and others.

I’ve also created a free [Webflow blogging template](https://webflow.com/made-in-webflow/website/blog-os) that features my content creation and tehcnical SEO knowledge. Read more below.

## Webflow's Advantages

To answer the previous questions, I’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of Webflow as a platform for creating blogs or websites.

### Design

Webflow offers customizable features not available on editors like Wiz and Squarespace. No additional installations are required.

However, at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is needed for customization.

You may also opt for a premium template to minimize changes or hire a developer for this purpose.

### SEO

SEO is crucial for blog visibility for search engines like Google and Bing.

Webflow offers ways to set up both technical and on-page SEO appropriately.

Unlike WordPress, which requires plugin installations, Webflow allows for a 'set it and forget it' approach.

### User Experience & Security

User experience on Webflow is comparable to apps like Notion and Figma. It's user-friendly, functions reliably, and offers security and an all-in-one experience. There's no need to fret about site hacks, hosting, or plugin updates.

### Hosting, CMS & Pricing

You can export a website made in Webflow and host it for free on Netlify or Vercel. However, specifically for blogs, its main advantage is the Content Management System. It’s not possible to export a website that uses CMS. Therefore, you need to host it with Webflow.

The price for CMS hosting is above the market average. The price is the most influential aspect of your final decision. As of August 2023, **it costs $23/mo paid annually to host a CMS website**. For comparison, hosting WordPress websites is much cheaper at $3 to $5/mo paid annually.

### Learning Curve

Be prepared for a learning curve if you intend to build the blog yourself.

However, **the learning curve for content publishing is relatively minor**. Once the CMS is set up, it’s a matter of writing high-value content, pasting it in the database, and filling out blog post fields, such as heading, meta description, and cover image.

## Webflow Blogging Templates

When it comes to blogging, **knowledge and content strategy is much more important** than the design of the page.

My advice is to start with a simple and nice template and focus on creating high-quality content that is optimized for search engines and user search intent.

Most of the templates don’t include technical SEO. You’ll have to learn it by yourself and implement it on your pages. It’s a time-consuming process that will cost you money, but there’s almost no workaround.

Why is that the case?

First of all, the majority of **Webflow template creators do not know everything about technical SEO**. Even if there is some sort of optimization, you’ll need to know about it to successfully implement it in your content.

For example, there might be a blog template where the author implemented a meta description tag. However, do you know what is it and what is it used for? Do you know how it has to be optimized and written? You’ll need to be aware of it, then search for more information to understand it, and then implement it for your blog posts.

**There are a lot of nuances** that one has to keep in mind when writing blog content. You can take a course, learn it by googling, or just forget all of it if you don’t care about traffic and you want to do it just for your own satisfaction.

## My free Webflow blogging template

A screenshot of BlogOS - free Webflow blogging template.

I’ve been building a blog and writing content for 2-3 years and I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and understanding about SEO and content creation.

Today, I am happy to share my **free template** so that you can duplicate it and start your blogging journey. It’s optimized as much as it can and reflects the best practices from my own blog.

Link to the template: https://webflow.com/made-in-webflow/website/blog-os.

It sports a **simple design in a dark mode** that is focused on the content. It also has **custom gsap animations, CMS filtering, smooth scrolling, client-first naming convention, and technical SEO**.

As part of my freelance services, **I offer customization, content strategy, and blogging knowledge**. If you are an individual or a business that wants to save time and utilize my insights in blogging and content marketing, **send me a message at ayk@maray.ai**.

Now that we’ve covered the advantages and blogging templates, let’s see where Webflow still falls short. The following limitations are not critical, but I like to give complete information and provide alternative solutions if you potentially need or consider the following features.

## Webflow's Limitations (As of August 2023)

Despite my affection for creating websites using Webflow, **their feature roadmap raises some doubts**.

Two years ago, they announced the Logic functionality but recently halted its development. The membership functionality has been under development for several years and is still less robust than third-party integrations. There has been no noticeable improvement in the e-commerce feature for the past three years.

Webflow seems to prioritize flashy new features over product improvement, yet consistently falls short in delivery.

Amidst the AI craze, they announced the integration of Large Language Models into Webflow. While it's too soon to comment on this feature's implementation, one wonders if it will follow the path of the Logic and Membership features or if it will actually enhance the product's potency.

### E-commerce

Webflow's e-commerce feature is still undercooked and doesn't compete with more e-commerce-focused platforms.

Solution: Consider Shopify or third-party integrations.

### Memberships

This feature has been in development for years but still falls short compared to third-party integrations.

Solution: Consider Memberstack or Outseta.

### Automation/Logic

This feature, announced in late 2020, has recently halted development.

Solution: Consider Zapier or Make.

### Multilingual Pages

Although this feature has been recently announced, it's still under development. Given the under-delivery of other features, I'd recommend considering third-party tools for the time being.

Solution: Consider Weglot.

## Conclusion

Despite my criticisms, **Webflow remains my go-to tool for website and blog creation**. The aforementioned shortcomings can be circumvented using third-party integrations, albeit at an additional cost.

In my professional opinion, creating a blog is always beneficial due to the organic traffic it can generate, and the trust and authority it can help you establish.

To encourage a steady influx of visitors, **it's essential to optimize both the technical and content aspects of your pages**. This ensures search engines can comprehend your content and users can fulfill their search intent.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions you have regarding Webflow, blogging, or the template at ayk@maray.ai.



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