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Outcome-driven Websites for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Arrive at your business objectives with a customer and brand oriented website.

The System

Let me show you how I am going to build you what I promise

Step 1

Bring your project into focus

Find out everything about your business

  • Define business goals
  • Explore branding
  • Examine your products/services

Find out everything about your customers

  • Find customers’ pain points and needs
  • Define your customers personas
  • Define your customers intent and experience
Step 2


User experience

Create customer experience tailored to your customers intent and sales funnel.


Create content structure tailored to your customer experience and your product/service.

Visual design

Create visual design tailored to your customer personas and your brand.

Step 3

Web Development

Website development

  • Translate the design into a website with Webflow
  • Animate elements
  • Integrate cookie consent and forms
  • Integrate 3rd party tools, such as CRM
  • Integrate analytics
  • Technical SEO
  • Test and quality assurance
Step 4


Advance SEO

  • Keyword analysis and SEO strategy
  • Content marketing

Conversion rate optimization

  • User experience analysis
  • Advanced tracking & reporting
  • Define the baseline
  • Define problem(s)
  • Create hypothesis
  • Test and iterate


Performing & outcome driven website

A website that meets your business objectives, and generates sales and systematically improves conversion rate.


Maray is a one-person design agency that creates outstanding websites for individuals and businesses.

My design & development systems are focused on goals, problems & performance to deliver results that you are aiming to reach.


  • Concept

    At this stage I'll help you to bring your project into focus by defining the project brief and requirements through meticulous analysis of various aspects of the business and the problems you want to solve.

    • Define project brief
    • Research & examine
    • Propose solutions
  • UX/UI

    Once we know what we want to achieve, I'll start working on the user experience and then design the website to reflect the customer journey to achieve the goals.

    • Examine users & create optimized UX
    • Create site architecture
    • Design user interface
  • Web

    At this stage, when we are fully satisfied with the design and user experience, I'll turn the design into a technically flawless website using Webflow or Shopify.

    • Develop the website
    • Integrate 3rd party services
    • Testing & QA
    • Implement analytics and cookie consent
  • Conversion

    Refine user experience and design to increase conversion rate through iterative and data driven approach.

    • Analyze data
    • Define goals
    • Create hypothesis
    • Test & iterate

Who I work with

Business type, whether you are a SaaS, startup, or an e-commerce brand, is irrelevant.

My unique system is not tailored to specific business types. It’s universal and delivers tailored solution based on the business problem(s) and objectives.

The only requirement is that your business benefits from online presence.

Increase revenue by:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Explaining clearly the value of your products/services
  • Establishing trust
  • Creating seamless user experience


Ilona Dzen

Founder of Fjers.Studio

Working with Ayk was a delight. His attention to detail, flair for complex animations, and timely delivery were impressive. It felt more like a partnership than a transaction. Highly recommended.

Parker Thornburg

Foodness Gracious

I wanted to say thank you to you today, Ayk. I'm so appreciative of you, your work ethic and what truly has felt like a partnership each step of the way. You've been honest with me and have produced an incredible product. I know I am not the easiest person to deal with given my Type A personality, but you have operated with high character and I can honestly say we wouldn't be here without you.

Pier Luigi Russo

Co-founder of Fijordo

We are extremely appreciative of the way you approached our problem. You've transformed our vision for our company's online presence and lead generation. We are happy to have partnered with you on our company's growth and development.

Value, value, value

Underpromise -> Overdeliver

An illustration showing Fibonacci sequence.

Impeccable development

Built with Webflow and client-first framework. Focused on performance, modularity and maintanability.

Fixed pricing

Defined scope, deadline and budget. No surprises.

An illustrations showing different screens and abstract shapes.

Responsive on all screens

Responsiveness is one of the highest priorities to ensure optimal UX for users on various devices and screen sizes.

client trust & satisfaction

Your satisfaction is my priority. We are not done until you're happy with the result.

An illustration that symbolizes on time delivery of a Webflow development project.

On-time delivery

I deliver on time, every time.

An illustration that symbolizes performance and Google core web vitals of my Webflow projects.

Performance optimization

Your site will be fast, reliable, and meet Google's Core Web Vitals standards.


Technical and on-page essential search engine optimization to ensure your customers can find your website easily.


Flexible modules and components to reuse and to perform a/b testing.


Why working with maray?

Maray is a one-person design agency devoted to creating outstanding websites for individuals and businesses.

I offer cost- and outcome- effective design and development solutions that are based on truth, rather than assumptions.

As a result, the solutions are effective as you and I correctly identify the problems and the conditions to produce the cause and the desired outcomes.

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