How I Organize My Life with a Notion Operating System

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he purpose of a life system is to create a holistic approach to increase productivity and set everything in motion. The problem for most people is a lack of knowledge how to get going and of how to keep on track in the long run.

I was lucky to discover both missing pieces of the puzzle.

The first piece I found in Atomic Habits, a book that helped me to start the journey to the life I always wanted but struggled to achieve.

The second piece was Notion, where I could create a coherent life operating system that can hold together all the motion and changes that I aspire for.

In this how-to, I will explain how to get going and share the system that helped me to get traction and move towards the vision I had planned.

You can follow the series and build a system along or support me and **get the whole notion self-growth** **system** [here](

It's a 4 part series in which I will show you how to build a fully functioning self-growth system to help you achieve your goals and align your life.

1. → **Notion Life OS Overview**
2. [Analysis](
3. [Planning](
4. [Execution](

Notion life operating system chapters.

## System Overview

In this chapter, you will see the overall structure from a bird's eye view. Later, I will break down each component to explain what was crucial and what you should focus on.

I built the system and improved it in several iterations. There are many concepts and authors that influenced it. A few among them are Tim Ferris and his DEAL system, SMART goal setting system, August Bradley's life operating system, and James Clear whose book helped me to actually build it through small habits.

The system is divided into 3 major parts:

1. Analysis
2. Planning
3. Execution

Notion life operating system analysis guide screenshot.

## Part 1. Analysis and self-reflection

To learn yourself and to know where you want your future-self to be, you have to analyze where you stand now and what you need to fulfill your goals.

A set of questions in the Analysis part is designed to help you find out where you want to see yourself in the future.

- What would be cool to happen in the next 5 years?
- What can you improve?
- What would you want to build?
- What kind of person do you want to be?

Self-reflection is one of the crucial parts of the whole system. Without knowing your weaknesses and building a proper identity, the goals and the life you aspire for are hard to achieve.

At the end of the day, you are the person that brings life to your goals, right? If you do not have the proper tools (habits, skills), then it's not quite feasible.

You always have to reflect on your current state of being and define what is working and what is not.

Notion life operating system aspirations and top values.

Another essential part is to find your true beliefs and values. Most of the time, people are guided by values that do not belong to their authentic selves. Therefore, it is crucial to dig deep and find out what belongs to you and what is derived from society.

Changes should come steadily, one by one. The most common mistake is overwhelming yourself in a week and then give up on everything.

Instead, I will teach you how to plan properly and execute slowly but progressively.

Notion life operating system planning guide.

## Part 2. Planning

### The Vision

Almost any entity in the universe has a hierarchy. So do systems. The top-level is what I call *`The Vision`.* It is what guides you through your journey. You can think of it as a life map that you draw and modify along the way. It's the way you want to see yourself in the future. Your biggest goals and aspirations.

For instance, a few of my top priority macro goals were *`Passive Income`,* *`Discipline`* and *a `Healthy Body`.* All of them are different, but they are all important to my current self.

They give me direction and focus. They define the identity changes I have to accomplish, the goals I have to set, and the projects I want to build. All the subsequent subsystems align with the macro goals so that everything works together.

### Habits and Projects

To give a form and to define necessary changes, you should assign a `Habit`, a `Project` or both, to each macro goal of `The Vision`. They both help to make the goal viable.

Without identity changes, it's hard to achieve things you wish, because the goals you set and your present self are not aligned with each other.

`Projects` drive the progress of the goal. They are the means. Each project has a specific outcome to track progress, actions, and timeframe.

Link your aspiration with your Vision and Habits.

### Rewards

The last major piece of `The Vision` is the rewards that you gain by accomplishing your goals. `Rewards` are an important part of the midbrain's reward system economy. They are a crucial variable in motivation. The more valuable, the easier it is for the midbrain to motivate you.

That's why it's essential to outline your intrinsic rewards that support your vision. In the moments of doubt, you can see clearly why you do what you do.

For instance, the `Passive Income` that I am striving for stems from `Financial Freedom`, `Fulfillment`, and `Meaning` yearnings and rewards.

The rewards are the result of self-reflection analysis.

Notion life operating system control dashboard.

## Part 3. Execution

Your days are the units of your productivity. Control your day and it will influence the whole future. Improve 1% a day, and you'll improve at least 365% in a year, without even counting the compound effect.

To own my day, I perform a morning and evening ritual/routine where I track my progress, check off the habits I completed, journal my ideas and thoughts, plan the day, and so on.

The small habit of journaling in Notion acted like an epicenter propagating consequential changes that happened in my life.

To set in motion everything you planned earlier, it's important to keep track of it and feel the progress.

Notion life operating system Execution guide.

## Action Guide

Now that you know the core components of the system, it's time to take action and plan your journey. It's a thorough step by step guide that will help you to build the goal system and form a profound habit that will serve you for years.

What's even cooler, is that those little changes you are going to implement will drive other, lateral improvements in your life. Everything will start to move forward. You'll start to see new opportunities. Your goals will become viable. Life will bring all those aspirations you dreamed of.

First, you will analyze your life, your current state, and your aspirations, It's the foundation that you will build on top of.

Second, you will plan your time. Define goals, assign habits, projects, and outcomes. Align the goals with the rewards and values.

Lastly, you will build productive and efficient days that will execute your long-term goals from your vision.

## Notion Life Operating System Step by Step Guides

**Step 1. Analysis Guide**

a. Find your yearnings. What motivates you?

**Step 2. Planning Guide**

a. Set macro goals

b. Assign a habit and a project.

c. Define the metric. What's the intermediate outcome of the goal?

d. Link yearnings to the macro goal

**Step 3. Execution Guide**

a. Journaling.

b. Morning & Evening Rituals.

c. Assign actions to your project.

d. Habits you want to track.

To implement the system, head over to each section's guide and follow it step by step.

## Series Structure

Head over to the next section to learn how to make a proper self-reflection and analysis on your life goals, principles, values and much more with Notion.

1. → **System Overview**
2. [Analysis](
3. [Planning](
4. [Execution](

# Final thoughts

I was frustrated by the fact that reading self-help books does not convert into a real experience that can shift and change things. The reason is that books and articles do not give any actionable information, specifically, how to integrate their insights into day-to-day life.

The system you build will absorb any valuable information that you learn. It then will make the information part of your life which will positively affect you. The more you improve the system, the better version of yourself you will become.

Hope you learned something new in planning and implement it in your system. If you would like to support my work, you can **get the whole notion self-growth** **system** [here](

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