Notion Life Operating System: Execution

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xecuting your plans and weaving them into your daily life is the crucial part of the system. Your actions bring the results. Most people fail at this step.

In this step-by-step guide, I will explain and show how to properly build a habit of actually performing your tasks and achieving your goals.

You can follow the series and build a system along or support me and **get the whole notion self-growth** **system** [here](

If you procrastinate or struggle to get going like I used to, this guide will provide insights and steps that are essential to your progress.

Notion life operating system execution

It's a 4 part series in which I show how to build a fully functioning self-growth system to help you achieve your goals and align your life.

1. [System Overview](

2. [Analysis](

3. [Planning](

4. → **Execution**

In the first 3 parts of the life operating system series, I explain how to self-reflect using Notion and use it as a foundation for planning and executing your life goals.

Notion life operating system execution guide

## How to take action on your plan

Your days are the units of your productivity. Control your day and it will influence your whole future. Improve 1% a day, and you'll improve at least 365% in a year, without even counting the compound effect.

To own my day, I perform a morning and evening ritual/routine where I track my progress, check off the habits I completed, journal my ideas and thoughts, plan the day, and so on.

The small habit of journaling in Notion acted like an epicenter propagating consequential changes that happened in my life.

To set in motion everything you planned earlier, it's important to keep track of it and feel the progress.

Here is how can your morning ritual look like:

Notion life operating system morning routine instructions

Daily Journaling in Notion is super easy and satisfying. That's why it's easy to build such a habit that will at least change the course of your life.

I wrote an in-depth article about [morning routine]( and how to build one with a step-by-step guide.

It's easy because once you set up a template, it's just a matter of 5 minutes filling in the predefined points.

It's satisfying for a couple of reasons. First, it gives you a sense of accomplishment to check off all the habits you've done consistently. Second, you control your day and the productivity boost keeps you motivated and satisfied.

## Structure your day

First, define the habits you want to do during the day. Choose a couple from the study you did earlier. It's a simple checkbox, once you finish, you mark them off.

Go to the `Days` page and edit the template to add habits you want to track.

## My days

Notion life operating system daily journaling

The 4 essential hacks for habit building to keep in mind:

1. **Make it easy.**
2. **Make it satisfactory.**
3. **Be consistent.**
4. **Increment the complexity.**

Start small to make it easy. Check off the habits to make them satisfactory and consistent. Once you are comfortable, increase the number or complexity of the habits.

For instance, this is how my daily journaling looks like after working on it for 3-4 months.

Notion life operating system daily journaling

Change the habits predefined in the template to your own.

### My habits

Notion life operating system habits

An example of an evening ritual.

Notion life operating system evening routine instructions

At this step, the goal is to learn how to form small but long-term effective habits. Once you do, you'll be able to build up anything you like to it. You can compare the complexity of my morning rituals when I just started and where I am now in the template `Add a great day (Simple)` and `Add a great day (Complex)`.

### Schedule

To complete projects you have to take action. In the [Planning]( section, you assigned tasks to projects. To successfully perform and finish them, you have to prioritize and learn how to schedule the tasks so that you can finish them on time.

One of my mistakes was to plan too many tasks which I could not finish and ended up postponing them day after day.

Notion life operating system actions planner

Now the base of your system is ready. Listen to your feedback and adjust it to your needs. Something that works for me might not for you and vice versa. Keep improving and building upon it and you'll come up with a tailored system that works the best for you.

**Core things to remember:**

1. Your days are the building blocks of progress. Structure your days, make your mornings productive, work on the habits.
2. Always start small. Make your growth progressive.
3. Align your goals with your identity.
4. Improve each day and you will grow in no time.

## Final thoughts

Stepping out form comfort zone is challenging. However, it's crucial to do what you are not used to if you want to achieve things that you do not have yet. Taking action is the hardest part especially if you have a regular job or family.

The trick I learned is to work on your important tasks in the morning when you are fresh and full of energy. The quiet serene morning hours allow me to work on my hobbies and personal projects while still having a regular job in a busy world of architectural design.

Hope you learned something new in this series and implemented a system of your own. If you would like to support my work, you can **get the whole notion self-growth** **system** [here](

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