Run your business with a digital operating system on autopilot

We help businesses organize operations in a holistic digital system so that you focus on the vision instead of operations.

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is a digital
operations agency

We create state of the art digital systems to empower organizations with modern technologies


Three ways to transform the way you work.

digital systems

Custom digital systems for businesses, startups and non-profits in Notion

  • analysis
  • optimzation
  • design
  • automation


Website design and development on Webflow or Notion

  • design
  • front-end
  • cms
  • seo


Consulting firms and organizations to optimize their existing systems

  • analysis
  • report

why use a digital system?

If you are new to Notion and the operating systems topic, here are the benefits you can get using a well-designed OS.

Screenshot of Entrepreneur OS in Notion.

Let your business run by itself

Website design and development on Webflow or Notion

View your business from the bird’s eye

See every part of your business to inform your vision and strategy.

Streamline processes

Increase productivity by symplyfing operations, automating stuff, and discovering things that don’t work.


We use best-in-class software to create the operating systems. Every app is neatly integrated in the OS and optimizes specific processes.

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who we work with

We work with organizations that want to run their businesses as a system. As long as our goals aligned, together we can create a highly efficient operating system that will transform the way you work.


that want to benefit from cutting edge technologies

  • organize their operations in a holistic digital system
  • automate boring stuff to increase productivity
  • focus on the growth and vision instead of micromanagement


that want to back their product development with the right tools

  • start up the company with the right structure and operations
  • launch with a well crafted website that markets the product


that want to have an efficient system to organize their mission’s work

  • share their work in an efficient way
  • automate boring stuff to increase productivity
  • focus on the growth and vision instead of micromanagement


that want to organize the business side and the creative work in the most efficient way

  • deliver high quality creative work consitently
  • build a beautiful website on Webflow to showcase your work
  • synchronize and optimize creative and business processes

Have a project in mind?

Send a project request to get things going.

more benefits

Side effect benefits that affect your team and revenue.

Screenshot of Product & Service page of Entrepreneur OS in Notion.

Connect everyone

Share your vision and strategy with every team member.

Improve teamwork

The right links in the system provide a more efficient way of working together. Especially in remote work.

Grow your expertise

Create a space to collect knowledge, save expertise and share it with new team members.

Build a parallel income stream

Turn your expertise into content or a product. Generate side income while marketing your product.

our workflow

The workflow to create a holistic system to operate your organization.

stage 1

project request

Our collaboration starts with a simple form where you define key points of your project. This helps me to understand your goals and whether we are a good fit. If yes, we will arrange a video call to discuss the project and learn more.

stage 2

first meeting

During our first meeting we’ll get to know each other and learn more about the project. During the discussion we’ll set the goals of the project so that we both understand the desired result.

stage 3


Based on the discussions and the information you provided, I’ll create a proposal where I outline the goals, the deliverables, the cost, and the timeframe.

stage 4


At this stage, I’ll examine the structure of the organization and its operations to structure of the system. During this phase we’ll test the system with key users to get feedback and finess details.

stage 5

launch & handover

We’ll meet the team to perform an onboarding session, provide a video tutorial about the system, and answer all the questions.

let’s create smth together

If you have a project in mind send me a request where you’ll answer a few questions about your project to get the discussion going. It takes only a couple of minutes. I will reply to you in email within 24 hours.

want to learn more?

Maray is an open start up.
You can read about its journey in the blog.

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