Hi, my name is Ayk [aɪk].

I was born and grew up in Russia. My roots are from Armenia. I lived in Beijing and after five long and productive years I moved to Berlin.

I created a blog to write and share topics that I am curious about. By writing I practice consistency and learn something new. One of the best methods to understand new information is to teach and explain it as simple as possible.

Self development niche lacks one thing that I cover: how to apply the knowledge you gain by building systems and weave them in daily routines.

Hope you can learn with me and take something valuable from each post.

Feel free to contact me in social media. You can find the links bellow.

What is maray?

As it turns out, maray is a type of pacific herring that is found in offshore waters of Australia.

But it's also an anagram of my name: MAR + AY.

Etrumeus teres. Image credit:
Etrumeus teres. Image credit:
  • Scientific Name: Etrumeus teres
  • Common Name: Maray, Round herring
  • Family: Clupeidae: Herrings
  • Distribution: Southern Australia
  • Habitat: Offshore waters