hi, my name is ayk.
i am a creator, designer, entrepreneur,
and a truth seeker

learn more about my work and myself.

what I devote
myself to


In 2022 I open my first company maray to offer various services for companies and individuals.

  • problem solving web design
  • webflow development
  • growth through digital space


In 2020 I started writing and publishing on maray.ai. Topics include:

  • Meta-physics: self, mind, universe
  • software: development, notion, etc.
  • design: ux, ui, web


In 2021 I started to create and publish various digital products.

  • ~$24,000 revenue in passive income
  • ~11 published digital products

arch design

I graduated as Bachelor of Architecture in 2014 and worked as an architect in various international firms until May 2023.

  • early phase competitions
  • schematic design
  • office, cultural, and science projects
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